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Alan David Fraser Memorial Bursary

Alan David Fraser Memorial Bursary

About the Award

The Nova Scotia Community College is pleased to offer this award honouring the life of Alan David Fraser.
Alan enjoyed working in the construction industry. He was a hands-on guy who would tackle any task without complaint. He valued being outdoors and spending time in nature. In his free time, he worked with metal as a hobby. Alan put others first. He was always there when you needed something and would help in any way he could. He treated everyone with respect and as equals.
Safety was a concern for him. He likely would have taken the Occupational Health and Safety program to further his education and career. With this award, the Fraser family hopes to bring more safety officers into the industry so that tragedies like the one that took Alan's life will no longer occur. One of Alan's best friends calls him "One of the most influential people to ever grace this world." His influence continues through this award.


  • Program Delivery - Full-time
  • Eligible Campuses - Institute of Technology
  • Year of Study - Year 1
  • Eligible Programs – Occupational Health and Safety
  • Good Academic Standing
  • Preference will be given to students who have an affiliation with Threads of Life, an association for workplace tragedy family support

Students Must Demonstrate

  • Financial need
  • Career Aspirations



Number of Awards