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Mud Creek Rotary NSCC Entrance Award

About the Donor

The Mud Creek Rotary NSCC Entrance Award will directly support grade twelve students from the five high schools in the region (Central Kings Rural High, Horton High, Northeast Kings Education Centre, West Kings District High and Avon View High). This award will provide financial assistance to students that wish to further their education through NSCC.


  • Program Delivery - Full-time
  • Eligible Campuses - All
  • Year of Study - Year 1
  • Eligible Programs – All
  • Good Academic Standing
  • Applicants must have entered NSCC directly from one of the following Nova Scotia high schools: Central Kings Rural High School, Horton High School, Northeast Kings Education Centre, Avon View High School and West Kings District High School

Students Must Demonstrate

  • Financial need
  • Commitment to their chosen program
  • Community involvement



Number of Awards