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Callum Mireault Memorial Award

Callum Mireault Memorial Award

About the Award

Callum Mireault was one of the first graduates of NSCC's Oceans Technology program who showed amazing promise in his beloved field of research. He became a passionate advocate for college education and by sharing his own story, he inspired others to pursue their passion.
Together with Callum's family and friends, NSCC established a memorial fund to honour his legacy. Thanks to the generosity of friends and family, this award was created to support students in the NSCC Oceans Technology program as well as those involved in applied oceans research. Callum said that every day he "felt like an explorer" and that by sharing his work with others, he hoped they, too, would be inspired to explore the vast undersea world he loved.


  • Program Delivery - Full-time
  • Eligible Campuses - Ivany
  • Year of Study - Year 1
  • Eligible Programs – Oceans Technology
  • Good Academic Standing
  • Applicants must be part of NSCC's Applied Oceans Research Team

Students Must Demonstrate

  • Career interest in Ocean Technology
  • Examples of innovative thinking that has helped their education and career path



Number of Awards