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Surrogate Technology Management Sponsorship

Surrogate Technology Management Sponsorship

About the Sponsor

Surrogate Technology Management operates globally but has greatly benefitted from strong ties with our local community. We value this connection and are seeking to give back in a manner consistent with who we are as a business. As a result, our goal is to strengthen the Nova Scotia IT industry. Our approach is to do this by partnering with the NSCC to identify and work with an IT student (in the programs noted below) in order to assist that student in building technical and professional skills. We have noticed a lack of female participation in the IT sector and would like to help change that. We value initiative, leadership potential and communication skills as being essential for businesses of any kind.



  • Program Delivery - Full-time
  • Eligible Campuses - Institute of Technology (IT)
  • Year of Study - Year 2
  • Eligible Programs – Cyber Security, IT Systems Management and Security
  • Good Academic Standing
  • Preference given to applicants who self-identify as female

Students Must Demonstrate

  • Commitment and interest in program and future career



Number of Awards