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A. International Urgent Aid (Ivany Campus)

About International Urgent Aid 

The NSCC Ivany Campus International Urgent Aid Fund is available to provide financial assistance for currently enrolled international NSCC students at Ivany Campus to address the most urgent cases of student financial need.


To be eligible to apply for International Urgent Aid, students must: 

  • Be residing in Canada. International students who are residing outside of Canada are not eligible to apply for Urgent Aid.
  • Be enrolled and actively taking courses in their last term of study at Ivany campus. 
  • Be Paying International tuition fees.
  • Be experiencing an unanticipated financial challenge. 
  • Have exhausted all other funding resources and opportunities, including government loans, student awards, etc. 
  • Have a completed, up to date, budget in the Student Awards Portal. 
  • Be demonstrating commitment to their education through regular attendance and completion of course requirements. 


International Urgent Aid is not typically granted to support the following types of requests:
  • Expenses related to the financial concerns of others (family, friends, etc). 
  • Requests to cover cash flow difficulties that can be mitigated through other means (i.e. tuition fee deferrals, payment plans, book credits, etc). 

Application Process

The application process is the same as the regular Urgent Aid process, which is outlined for students in the Student Awards Portal.
For more information including application tips, visit the Applying for Urgent Aid section of the Help Centre.