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NSCC Post-Care Free Tuition Program

About the Award

This bursary program has been established to support those who have lived in care in the Nova Scotia child welfare system — including Mi’kmaw Family and Children’s Services of Nova Scotia — or have been in receipt of services through the Department of Community Services,Services for Youth Program. This bursary will be applied towards tuition costs and ancillary fees for full- or part-time learning, with an aim to help make post-secondary education more accessible for former youth in care.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Have lived in care for a minimum of one year (cumulative or accumulated) in the Nova Scotia child welfare system — including Mi’kmaw Family and Children’s Services of Nova Scotia — as defined by the Children and Family Services Act, 2017; or have been in receipt of services through the Department of Community Services, Youth Services Program
  • Must consent to a Release of Information for verification process with Nova Scotia Community Services
  • Must be entering or working towards completing their first post-secondary credential (e.g. certificate, diploma, or degree) and enrolled in a program with tuition and associated fees
  • Must have obtained an offer of admission from NSCC by meeting program admission requirements
  • Willing to meet with Student Awards staff to explore other sources of funding and orientation to NSCC
  • Not currently receiving the NS Department of Community Services’ Educational Bursary Program for Children in Care or the Post-Care and Custody Agreement
  • Must complete an application — including an Educational/Academic Plan and a Financial Need Statement and provide documentation for any other extenuating circumstances to assist in determining eligibility

How We Choose

  • Financial need
  • Commitment and interest in program

To Apply for This Award

This award requires the completion of the following section(s) of our online application system:
This is for information only as once you add this award to your awards list the system will generate a list of requirements based on the awards you have chosen to apply for.
  • Educational Goals: Provide us with an overview of: Why you chose your program/field of study; your career aspirations, and why you believe you will succeed in your chosen profession upon graduation.
  • Budget 
  • Completion of Release of information form

Number of Awards


*Note: Value of award is up to 100% of tuition and fees; may be limited to regular certificate/diploma tuition rates.

For application related questions, please email