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Applying for Urgent Aid

Urgent Aid Process at a Glance (step by step instructions below)

Accessing the Portal
To learn about the basics of accessing the Student Awards Portal, review the Applying for Awards section before learning about the application process for Urgent Aid.

Finding Urgent Aid in the Portal
To be eligible for Urgent Aid, make sure you complete the Consent to Disclosure of Information and Budget tasks.

Then, select the View Awards button. Search for Urgent Aid on the list. It should appear as A.Urgent Aid - Campus.

Begin by clicking on the Urgent Aid title and review the details to better understand eligibility and what is involved in the application process. To begin your application, choose the Apply Now button. 

Completing the Urgent Aid Application Form
The steps are as follows. Please refer to the video tutorial for this section as well. The first task in completing an Urgent Aid submission is the Urgent Aid Application Form. Begin the task by selecting the Start button under the Actions heading. 

The Urgent Aid Application Form task has 5 questions in total, which are all mandatory. It is very important to provide as much detail in the first question as possible so that when meeting with your Advisor they have a full understanding of your request. We understand that sharing details about a financial hardship can be challenging. Please be assured that the information you share will be treated with a high degree of confidentiality and care. Only those involved in supporting your request will be able to see your responses. 

After you agree to the terms, the next steps in completing the Urgent Aid application process will display. 

Once you have completed all of the questions on the form, choose the Save and Submit option to complete the task. 

Meeting With Student Services 

Scheduling the Meeting
The next step in applying for Urgent Aid is to set-up an Urgent Aid appointment with Student Services. Reach out to whomever you have an ongoing relationship with. In most cases, this would be your Student Services Advisor. But for students in the Adult Learning Program (ALP) it could be the ALP Counsellor and for students in Achieve it could be the Achieve Program Coordinator.

Unsure who your Advisor is? Look them up on Connect. If your Advisor, Counsellor, or Program Coordinator is not available, contact the general email at your campus noted in the following table.  Be sure to include your name and student # in the email. 
Campus General Email Address
Annapolis Valley
Institute of Technology
Strait Area

Preparing for the Meeting 
You will be required to share your Urgent Aid Application Form and your Budget with your Student Services representative. You can do this in two ways: 

Option 1: Download your submission and email it to the Student Services representative prior to or during the meeting
You can do this by revisiting the task list for Urgent Aid and choosing Edit next to the Award name on your account page. Then, select the Download Submission option on the right side of the page. 

The submission will download as a zip file. Select the file that contains the Application ID number, which begins with an S.

Open the file, save it to your device, and email it to your Student Services representative as an attachment. 

Option 2: Share your Urgent Aid Application Form and Budget through screen-sharing 
During your virtual meeting, you will have the option to share your screen. In using this option, you will need to login the Portal and access the required materials and review them on screen so your Student Services representative can see the details shared in your submission. 

During the meeting, the Student Services representative may:
  • Ask for more details
  • Provide advice/make recommendations for your financial plan/budget 
  • Outline other financial supports and resources available to you
  • Identify alternatives to Urgent Aid 
  • Recommend that your request be withdrawn
If you both decide to continue with the application process, the Student Services representative will follow-up by email within 2 business days with a completed Urgent Aid Confirmation Form outlining the outcomes from your meeting and any next steps you agreed upon. Save this form so it can be uploaded to the Portal. 

Uploading the Urgent Aid Confirmation Form 
Return to the Portal and choose Edit next to the Award Name (A. Urgent Aid - Campus).
Click start.
Upload the file from your device by clicking on Browse for a file
Once uploaded, it will automatically appear in your browser window.
View the file to ensure you attached the correct one.
Once complete, click the Back button on the top-right of the file viewer. 
You will be returned to your list of required tasks.

Then, submit your application materials to complete your application for Urgent Aid. 

Accepting Urgent Aid
If your request for Urgent Aid is approved, it will appear as follows on your account page within the Portal. 

Select the Edit button to access the offer letter and complete acceptance requirements. 

The acceptance requirements for Urgent Aid consist of two tasks, an offer letter and payment details. Both must be completed before funds can be issued.

Once completed, the Student Awards Office will process the request and share details about the amount of Urgent Aid that has been approved in the Portal under Installments

Things to Note
  • The amount of funds available to support Urgent Aid requests differs from campus to campus. Therefore, the program may not be available at all times throughout the year. In these cases, Urgent Aid will not be visible within the portal.  
  • There is no appeal process for Urgent Aid. All decisions are at the discretion of the Manager, Student Services and are final. You may only re-apply if you encounter new financial challenges that align with the criteria for Urgent Aid. 
  • While every effort will be made to address requests and issue funds in a timely manner, there are several factors which may impact the duration of this process. Therefore, it is not realistic to expect to apply for and receive funding within the same week. 
Frequently Asked Questions About Urgent Aid

Why do I have to complete the budget task and meet with a Student Services Advisor?  

We know that your request is urgent and sharing details about your finances can be challenging. However, this is an opportunity for your Student Services Advisor or other staff member to have a supportive discussion with you about your financial plan for College. Through conversation, they can work with you to make sure you are on the right path. They may also be able to help you discover other financial supports and/or identify some budgeting tips to help avoid further financial challenges down the road.  

My Student Services Advisor is not in the office this week but I have an Urgent Aid request. What should I do?  

If your Student Services Advisor is unavailable to meet with you regarding your Urgent Aid request, you should contact your campus Student Services general phone number or email and ask if there is someone else who can meet with you regarding your request.  

How should I prepare for my Urgent Aid meeting with Student Services?  

You will need to ensure the Urgent Aid Application Form has been completed and your Budget is updated within the Portal. You can download both of these and send copies by email to Student Services, or you can share your screen in your virtual meeting with Student Services. 

Once I submit my application, how long until I hear back?  

You will be notified through the Portal on the outcome of your application within 2 business days.  

How will I be notified on the outcome of my application?  

You can login to the Student Awards Portal to view the status of your application. Additionally, an email notification will be sent to you prompting you to visit the Portal once a decision has been made.  

How are decisions made for Urgent Aid requests? 

Each request is evaluated based on the following: 

  • How well the request aligns with Urgent Aid eligibility criteria 
  • The immediacy of the need 
  • How committed you are to your NSCC education  
  • The degree to which you are financially prepared for College  
  • The availability of campus funds 

If I’m approved for Urgent Aid, how will I receive funds?  

If approved, you will have three options to receive the funding: 

  • Have a cheque mailed to your preferred address
  • Have a cheque mailed your preferred campus location
  • Complete an electronic funds transfer form to have the funds sent directly to your bank account